Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is it me you're looking for?

My boyfriend got me a turntable for Christmas and I could not be happier. I stopped trying to collect vinyl years ago mainly because my old record player had broken down. Buying a new turntable was one of many things on my to-do list, and of course I never got to it.

After moving a couple of years ago, I decided to clean out my collection and work with the space I had in my new apartment. It was a tough decision, but I didn’t have the space for a big collection in my apartment. I picked out the records I figured I could do without and made them part of my moving sale. I wasn’t playing the records, so I would rather someone else play them. I still remember watching a young college girl walk away with my Lionel Richie “Cant’ Slow Down” record. I really hope she put it to good use.

My collection now consists mainly of 50’s and 60’s lounge, some 70’s and 80’s rock, and some Latin pop and rock from the 70s’ and 80’s. Last night I was listening to a reading of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince. I also listened to some Talking Heads and some Jose Jose. I always listen to music while working on my art, so now I’ll get to explore all the vinyl that I bought at so many different thrift stores throughout the years. Maybe tonight I’ll play my Menudo record. In the meantime though, some college girl is probably spinning this…

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