Monday, June 27, 2011


this is part of a series I did a few months ago, my organic series. There are several pieces. I plan to develop this idea further. The pictures I used were from an early 70s photo album that I found. These were created using a photocopier, a typewriter and acrylic paint.

a look back

I created these pieces using images from vintage books. The background is made from pages from a book that I painted over. I clipped the images and coupled them with some captions I selected. As usual, matching the right caption with the image was the hardest part. I love the way these turned out.

more pins for everyone

Here are more pins from the same series from my previous post. Some of these have been more popular than others, but you really never know. Fierce is one of my favorite pins and always popular.

pins for everyone

Here are some pins I made a few months ago. I used images from various old textbooks, and paired them with words that I clipped from one book. The result is very interesting, it’s like the images acquired different personalities. It’s interesting to see how people react differently to the images. Sometimes they share stories with me of why they identify with the pin.

making shirts at home

After finishing my art classes this semester, I started thinking of what I could create at home, with little resources. I really enjoyed silkscreening, so I wanted to make some shirts at home. The problem with silkscreening is that you need plenty of space, it’s messy and you need equipment, chemicals and paint. I decided to take a different approach and make it as simple as I could. I made some handmade stencils and used acrylic paint. I bought some vintage mechanic shirts and decided to add some captions to them. Something very forward, punk, maybe insulting. This is the first shirt I made. I made it for myself and I wear it with pride.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

these charming men

I took a silkcreening class this past semester and it was a great experience. I learned a lot and also got to make some very cool stuff. This was my first design. We were told to pick something simple. I used an image I saw in a 1967 physical fitness book. I stared at the image for a while until the caption came to my head. ‘This Charming Man’ is one of my favorite Smiths songs. I made a number of shirts and a few tote bags as well. I don't have the screen anymore, so I probably won't be using this design again in the future.