Monday, December 19, 2011

animal instinct

I made the artwork for this mix tape over the summer. My friend Hugo from the event told me that he wanted something animalistic for the cover. Or something like that. He always tells me some of his ideas and I usually take them in another direction. I’ve always been a fan of album art, so it was a treat for me to make this for him. Text is from my typewriter, as usual.

banjo man returns

This is another image from the same story featuring the bearded man and the banjo. It was a very small image in the book, I made it as big as I could on the shirt. I love the image.

desired colors

The final project for one of my classes was to make a multi-colored design for a shirt. I had already used this design, but in one color. I decided to make it multi-color. I love the results. Only 8 shirts were made with the design.


Looking through a vintage children’s book, I encountered this image. I usually take an image and remove it from it’s content. Here I decided to use the text that was right above the image. While I was in class making the shirts, I noticed a visiting student was watching me work attentively while I made these shirts. He came up to me and asked me if I would mind putting that design on the blank shirt he was wearing. It was the best compliment I could receive. Of course he got the design.

plastic passion

I had photocopied the image of this woman and had a number of ideas in my head of how to use her for a design. I went to see The Cure that same week, and after they played Plastic Passion I knew what I had to do. The design was created on the screen and only 7 shirts were made.

il campione

Here’s the second flyer for this season’s Discoloosers. No explanation needed. Il campione means the champion. All work was manual, text regarding date and venue was added by my friends in Italy.

i can do it!

I was playing around with images and came up with this. Both the caption and image are from vintage books, different sources. I brought them together to create this. Only 5 shirts were made.