Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting your feet wet

Just wanted to share this piece. It’s a personal favorite of mine. It’s a rainy day today. I walked to the dentist, and my feet got wet in the rain. Being in Los Angeles, that doesn’t really happen that often. It was uncomfortable, but it felt good in a way. It felt way better than the idea of going to the dentist. I was looking a book full of pictures of nature while I waited for my appointment, taking all the beauty in while sitting uncomfortably in the waiting room. There were no blue trees in it though. Maybe they would have relaxed me a little bit.


Gabbi said...

this is one of my favorite leopold pieces to date, thank you for sharing.

hope you didn't get sick... rain in los angeles is unnatural :)

michiko said...
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michiko said...

Hi Leopold, just discovered your blog via Gabbi's page :)
Nice to see you here!