Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'll take the bus

I’ll take the bus

I was recently visiting my family in Mexicali, Mexico (a city right on the border with California) and decided to take a stroll down to the downtown area. Instead of driving or taking a taxi, I decided to take a bus. I can’t remember the last time I rode a bus in Mexicali. It must be around 10 years or so. I remember the buses being my means of transportation for many years when I lived there. These are old-school buses, as you can see.

The first thing I noticed was how run-down the bus was and all the graffiti. Most people were sitting near the front. Trying to be cool, I decided to sit all the way to the back. I wasn’t sure of my choice being that there was a veterano-looking dude with all these tattoos sitting in a way which blocked the path to the back of the bus. He politely moved when I passed by and I sat down and for a few seconds took in all the graffiti that was on the seats and walls. I remember graffiti being prevalent back in the day, but not like this. I also noticed that the same hand-painted signs were there: ‘no fume’ (don’t smoke), ‘no escupa’ (don’t spit), etc. I especially love the ‘no escupa’ one.

There was a young girl with painted-over eyebrows who was sitting in the front. Before she got to her stop I saw her pull out her cel phone and tell someone that she was almost there. It felt like this current technology was juxtaposed over an old world of mine. There are plenty of newer buses in Mexicali, but I was glad I boarded the old one. Who knows how much longer they will be around.

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Gabbi said...

never been to mexicali, but it was nice visiting through your post.

i love painted on eyebrows... imagine waking up in the morning and being able to decide on a permanent mood for the whole day? :)

surprised? angry? confused maybe?

i'd go with surprised...