Monday, December 1, 2008

I want to travel around the galaxy with La Prohibida

I’m not sure how long I have known about La Prohibida, but I do know that I liked her immediately. I have been a fan of the Spanish scene for many, many years now. I was mesmerized when I first saw Alaska y Dinarama on TV in Mexico. It was unlike anything I had heard or seen. Along with them came many different Spanish artists that I’ve been listening to over the years, the list is really infinite. Some of them include Mecano, Miguel Bose, La Casa Azul, Los Planetas, Fangoria, La Buena Vida, Fresones Rebeldes, Family, etc, etc. Of course, La Prohibida is included in this list.

I believe that well beyond that kitsch that something foreign or unfamiliar might provoke in us, La Prohibida is an artist to be listened to. Her lyrics are about the powers behind love and relationships, many times set in outer space or in a futuristic world. That futuristic world romanticized in the 50s and 60s, which we all wish would still come true. She sings about those human emotions that will always be felt, even when living in a more mechanical world.

I had the pleasure of watching La Prohibida perform in Los Angeles this past Saturday. It was her first ever performance in Los Angeles, and you could feel the excitement everywhere. The room was packed and the crowd exploded when she took the stage. It was great feeling to be next to people singing and dancing to her songs. For many of us it was a long wait, and we were not disappointed. Check out the video for her song 'Flash'. Wonderful.


Milene said...
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Milene said...

Where can I get that outfit?? Very Jem-ish. I love it!