Saturday, September 5, 2009

vamonos a mexico

the day of my mexico trip finally arrived. as it always happens, getting to the airport was a stressful ordeal. it didn´t help that i had gotten pretty drunk the night before. it's hard to say no to $4 pitchers of beer. i think i got a headache in the morning from just trying to count how many we drank. as soon as i picked up my carry-on bag, i realized the strap was broken. too late to do anything about it or to lighten it's load, so i had to drag myself and the bag to the gate.

some five hours later i'm on mexican soil. this is after some brief but scary turbulence and listening to a lady with an annoying voice ask a spanish-speaking german guy a thousand questions (not even my headphones could block out the long questionnaire). my friend said she would pick me up from the airport, but she also said that her driver might be there. i waited almost an hour for either of them, only to finally spot the driver holding a sign with my full name on it. i felt relief and a silly sense of importance.

once at my friend's, we go pick up some blankets from a friend of hers to help make my bed. she's been remodeling the house and sold all her furniture. so there was no bed for me, and we had to improvise. we go to her friend's work and pick up the keys to his apartment. we then get a complicated explanation on how to open the door to his apartment (3 keys and one of them needed some special trick). my friend takes the keys without hesitating and we're off to his place. i wondered how it was that she remembered all those details. we get to his place and to my surprise she knew which keys to pick out. we just couldn't figure out which one was the trick key, and struggled for a few minutes, but of course it seemed like an eternity. i just had to laugh at how i had just landed a couple of hours ago and now i was having to solve some intricate key puzzle at some random building.

once at her place, bed created and a quick meal we go to an event at coyoacan. the bar is called bipolar. this was some special event and the place was packed with hipster fresas. it was fun watching the young and not-so-young dancing to songs like 'another one bites the dust', emf's 'unbelievable', vanilla ice, blondie, etc. it was the fine line between the cool and the ironic music. after a few Leon beers and dealing with a waitress with annoying short-term memory, we decide to go home. once at the apartment, i lay in my new bed and think about all the possibilities involving a 3-week mexico trip. life is good for sure.

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pablo honey said...

Sounds like you're having a great time dawg. Your words made me grin a few times... sounds like you're where you need to be.