Thursday, November 20, 2008

Learning to Live with The Smiths

I recently popped in The Smiths Singles collection into my car stereo and somehow I haven't been able to remove it. I didn't get into The Smiths until after they broke up. I still remember being in math class and having a classmate tell me that they had broken up. It was a big deal for him but I was just perplexed as to who this band was. Then a year later I was in yet another math class and a friend of mine had Morrissey written on his notebook and told me he was really good. That was the same class where some dude with long hair told me Metallica was cool and all this 'new wave' music was for 'fags'. Maybe then is when I started listening. Whatever the case, I've listened to the entire Smiths catalog time and time again, maybe at times more passionately than others.

'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now' is the first song of them that really got me. I remember stopping the cassette and rewinding, then repeating after the song was done. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Something about it spoke to me and still does. I thought it would be applicable to include The Smiths in my blog, being that their record covers were an influence for my art. I'm no longer a teenager rewinding the cassette, but I still listen to the song as if it were my own.

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