Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my loco relatives

I was part of a show with my friends from Local 562 in Whittier, California a few weeks ago. The show was titled Loco Monster, it was a Halloween theme. I thought about it for a few days before making my pieces. When thinking of the images, the thought of monsters or ghouls wasn’t appealing to me. I wanted to do something on the scary side, but without being too obvious. I thought of a 50’s album that I bought a few years ago. A picture of a little girl came to mind. I remembered how when I was little I found some of my relatives to be kind of scary. That’s where My Scary Prima and My Crazy Tia came from.

I’ve been doing a lot of work using the photocopier, so I thought I could apply that to these pieces. I made photocopies of the pictures, enlarging them to fit on my canvas board. I cut the images into four pieces and glued them onto a canvas. I typed the text using my typewriter, then enlarged it using a photocopier and glued it on to the pictures. I then finished the pieces by putting them in a vintage frame. It ended up being a lot of work but in the end I was very satisfied with the result. My Scary Prima and My Crazy Tia feel like they have a life of their own.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My friend Carlos Metropoli asked me to make some pins for the 2nd anniversary of Trastorno, his Spanish Movida night in Los Angeles. He wanted the pins to show images of movida artists such as Alaska y Dinarama, Almodovar, Mcnamara, etc. I wasn’t sure how to accomplish this since I always create my pins using images I cut out from books or magazines. I had no images from such artists to spare. I did, however, have a few Alaska y Dinarama CDs, which had plenty of pictures. Alaska y Dinarama were huge in Spain and Latin America and were one of the most representative bands of the movida.

I decided to photocopy the images from the CDs and reduce them to a size that would allow me to make them fit on a pin. I managed to reduce the images, after many attempts, to a size that would work. I also typed the word ‘trastorno’ using my typewriter, and reduced the text to a size that would fit on the pin. It was a lot of work but in the end I was happy with the result. For me it was important to create them this way, especially since I was dealing with subject matter from the 80s. I wanted to make something that could have been made back then.