Sunday, March 18, 2012

coachella pins

Art and music are my two favorite things, so this year I decided to make some pins featuring acts from the Coachella Music Festival. I have been to every single Coachella, it’s one of my favorite events of the year. Actually I didn’t go to the first night of the first weekend if we want to get technical. But my idea here is to make pins that will remain as a little souvenir of the festival as time goes by.

I chose the bear you see above as my main image. I played with the size and colors. This was all done outside of the computer. I used my typewriter, a vintage image, colored paper, watercolors, a photocopier, scissors and glue. It’s very meticulous work but I love it.

I would like to start this as a yearly tradition. Next year’s pins would look different from these, and the acts would be different as well. I made a total of 56 pins, featuring 52 acts and 4 that say Coachella. I’m posting this sample for now.