Friday, October 14, 2011

starting the shirts

The house were Romeo was staying now was simply amazing. A beautiful yard, a pond and a huge studio. There was not much more I could ask for. We start working right away, after eating a giant chicharron preparado, though. I had some letter-size photocopies so we start working with those images. We were to use two solvents – paint thinner and bleach. I think that first night we worked on three different shirts. We were both nervous about the experiment, but became quite confident after the first attempts.

The next day we had to make photocopies of the images I had selected from all the ones I took. The issue was that most of these images were nudes. We were to make these photocopies at a local miscelanea. A female was operating the photocopier, so it was just a bit awkward to hand her a handful of nudes to photocopy for us. “We need to have some photocopies made”, I say, “but many of them are nudes. I hope you don’t mind”. She didn’t mind and made all the copies. I think she kept one of my female nudes because I simply never saw it again.

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