Friday, October 14, 2011

obvios como el amor

Romeo and I were having fun messing with gay terms and taboos. I think we both knew that even though what we were doing was at a small scale, it was a big project. What we were doing was not only unique, but it was forward-thinking and challenging to both straights and gays.

I learned from Romeo the use of the word “obvio”. I guess a simple way to describe it is that if you’re gay and people can tell you’re gay, then you’re obvio. It’s normally used with a negative connotation. I applied that to the playful image that Romeo had intervened. There’s nothing wrong with being obvio, I think that’s what the final message is. It’s like saying I’m obvio and I don’t care.

“Todos Somos Putos” is a play on male promiscuity.

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