Friday, October 14, 2011

the new project

When I sat down with romeo at the café, I realized he did not want to waste any time. I wanted our art show to be called ‘Romeo y Leopoldo – Los Jotos del Futuro’ (the fags of the future). He wanted my to clarify my ideas and simply show him what I had in mind. After a few hours of talking we had an idea of what we wanted. We had talked about our gay lives, relationships and many things that tend to bother us about the gay world. We are the fags of the future. Yes, we were both aware that joto (fag) is an offensive word. We were not using it in that context. We are the fags of the future, a future were insulting words like ‘fag’ don’t matter.

The plan now was to make t-shirts together. Each shirt would be unique, there would be no duplicates. We would use the images I took with me. Somehow these postcard-sized images were going to turn into t-shirts. “Let’s start today”, he says. I pay my hot chocolate, pick up my stuff and off we go to his house.

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