Friday, October 14, 2011

hermanas vampiro candles

Along with the pins I made for Las Hermanas Vampiro, I made the candles you see here. I’ve been making candles in LA for a while. I thought that having their images on candles would be very appropriate. I made the images in LA and decided to add them to blank candles once in Mexico City. Of course obtaining the candles was part of the fun. Before I knew it, I found myself searching for the candles. Through the clues of some friends, I ended up deep in Mercado Sonora. Live animals, santa muerte everywhere and candles candles candles. You can find candles for just about everything. I found the candles I needed (blank ones) and bought a box of them. “I hope the box doesn’t tear, I’m taking the metro”. After I said that, the guy reinforced the box with string and over my shoulder it went. I crossed the Mercado again during my exit, stopping for some quesadillas and a calculator watch.

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