Sunday, April 11, 2010

mexican pulp comics in italiano

Mexican pulp comics have been around for decades. I’m a big fan of these publications, finding them to be very unique and interesting. These publications typically cater to the working class and tend to be very dramatic. Normally filled with sex, drama and violence, topics covered typically include love, betrayal, treason, etc. The expressions in the illustrations always enhance the drama involved in the story. While there are a wide range of Mexican pulp comics, the ones I used for these pieces are more on the romantic side.

To create the pieces, I first read through the comic and selected the images I could use. I then cut them out and altered them with watercolor paint. I finished them by gluing the Italian text, words taken from an Italian self-help book. In the end, I feel that the pieces, without their original text and now in Italian, have taken on a new life.