Thursday, March 18, 2010

pins in italiano

I have been studying Italian this year. It’s been great being back in a school environment. I feel a certain pride as I walk onto campus every week, it’s refreshing. I also purchased a pin-making machine this year. I’ve discovered how fun it is to make pins. One of my first projects was making some pins in Italian. I’ve had one book in Italian for a while that I bought at a thrift store. I was finally able to use it. I carefully selected words that I knew and cut them out. Then I paired them up with some biblical images. They came from a 1950’s bible for children. These are the 12 pins that I made.


~lisa~ said...

Your art is great. I am fascinated with the italian pins...for many reasons...
i miei complimenti..
are they for sale? =;)

leopoldo said...

hi lisa, i just saw your comment. yes they are for sale!