Friday, February 6, 2009

Capital G

A few months ago, I was thinking about all that was going on with Prop 8 passing and the involvement of the church in funding the proposition. Since I’ve used religious imagery in my art before, I was thinking of different art pieces that I could do involving the subject matter. One day the above caption came to me and kind of stuck in my head. It echoed my feelings about the issue. No matter what I hear on the news or what people say, I know it’s true.

I guess the way I capitalized God and Gay might be interpreted in many ways. I was going to explain why I did it, but thought I’d leave that open to interpretation.


michiko said...

first I thought it was humorous, now it looks touchingly sincere and true, I love it.

leopoldo said...

thank you! :-)

Gabbi said...

I completely agree with Michiko, very touching sincere and true. Such great work Leo!

viktorhdez said...

so sincere and true that society can't understand..

Only Him can judge me!